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Kerbal Space Program (KSP) (and upcoming sequel Kerbal Space 2 ProgramIt’s a game about going to space … you can even call it A. Space game. It’s a space game where you plan, design and fly the intrepid explorers, scientists, and engineers of Planet Kerbin towards the final (and only) frontier. From the carbine orbit, to the Moon, and finally exploring all the worlds of their solar systems; Building their scientific knowledge and mechanical creativity along the way.

You have to assemble all the vehicles and machines, plan missions, and even experiment while pushing further into the unknown. Realistic physics, especially when it comes to artisanal rocket science issues, switching orbits, and thrust / weight ratios, will become your close and hated friends. Trust us, you’ll probably need some helpful KSP tweaks to help you out.

There is a host of needs when it comes to modifying Kerbal Space software. Some of you may want more parts to build your rockets out of. Some of you might not like to be a real rocket scientist and need some gadget adjustments to make the experience easier. Some of you seem to have difficulty telling the time and therefore need an alarm in-game. There’s a mod for every need, and we’ve tried to put together a range of mods that suit a wide range of industries.

Best mod for Kerbal space program

The best Kerbal Space program tweaks are:

  • Respected (basic)
  • kOS (basic)
  • Kerbal Engineer Redux (Core)
  • Kerbal Interstellar Extended (basic)
  • Kerbal Link System (Quality of Life)
  • Kirbal stimulus (quality of life)
  • Docking port alignment indicator (quality of life)
  • Environmental visual improvements (quality of life)
  • B9 Aerospece (Parts & Miscellaneous)
  • Telemachus (parts and miscellaneous)
  • Soviet spacecraft (parts and miscellaneous)
  • BD Armory (Parts & Miscellaneous)

Squad doesn’t really participate in KSP 2, although they weren’t used to making fast and frequent updates. However, the mod scene changes and evolves as new content emerges, and some mods are not updated to the latest version.

At the time of writing this is Version 1.10.1. We will keep this guide updated with the latest compatibility information and popular modifications.

How to modify Kerbal Space program

From the start, KSP has had an active mod community. Easily accessible models, streamlined aesthetics, and a community that really tends to be interested in building the saw and having it go into high gear almost instantly. Initially, distributing and finding these mods was a huge challenge, but tools have evolved to simplify things.

Steam workshop

Although it is not the first stop for seniors, it is Steam workshop It was one of the most welcome additions from the integration with the platform. With it, you can download ships, bases, rovers, and terminals of other peoples to add to your own libraries. Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t distribute more mechanically aggressive content. If you’re looking for designs, Workshop is exactly the place to look, but if you want more game-changing tweaks then go ahead.

a curse

a curse He’s probably best known as one of the biggest mod managers in World of Warcraft and Minecraft, but their KSP mods management is very well done, and there’s a good chance you already have a desktop client already installed, built into the desktop. Twitch Implementation. The system works fine and the library is generally up-to-date so it’s a good call. Curse is the official modding hosting service associated with KSP.

It was

If you don’t use Windows or want to avoid Twitch’s desktop, you can go with the oldest school in the group: It was. Also, it is quite up to date (due to the integration with Spacedock), It has its own standalone GUI, and it works on all platforms without a console.

Madbad 2

There are old mods that caused quite a stir in the community when they were introduced. peg He is definitely one of those. Inside the game, it’s a mechanical version of our hero, Gpedia Kerman, the neural patterns – as it is. In practice, it is a massless device that unlocks a full range of displays and controls, from the better phased analysis of the delta-V and TWR in construction buildings to the ultimately unlockable ability to effectively steer a ship into full orbit from launch.

The catch is that these amazing abilities were not unlocked at first; You need to unlock it along the way by investing science in the R&D facility. As you progress, MJ takes over more of the regular tasks and lets you focus on the parts you haven’t done a thousand times over.

You can grab MechJeb from Curse, although full details are on the KSP forum thread linked above.


If you are looking for something that gives you a little more control, kOS Waiting for you. Like MJ, kOS is an automatic control system, but unlike MJ, you have to type the control code for whatever you want it to happen. kerboscript, A suspicious language that resembles a number of others used in the early days of flying system design. If the idea of ​​specifying the raster product of multiple vectors to form the direction for ship steering is a bit exciting, then this may be absolutely necessary. If it scares you a little bit, it’s still essential because you can do amazing things without delving into deep math and maybe accidentally get stuck with an astrophysics degree along the way.

Kerbal Engineer Redux

If you thought MJ was just a little bit of help, but still wanted analytics and analysis, there is it Kerbal Engineer Redux. Tons of reactions and Delta-V calculations that want to make getting up in the air less difficult. little bit. The ability to add entire custom sections to your HUD can have a serious impact on your situational awareness.

KSP Interstellar extender

Breaking Ground adds a lot of fun and deployable scientific tools to the charging slots however KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) It pays 11 without having to fully use Star Trek for things. To start. KSPIE nearly doubles the size of the technology tree, expanding your options while adding complex production chains of materials needed to take advantage of the latest technology.

If you’re looking for that long-lasting, extended feel to push the boundaries of science all the way from sounding rockets all the way to FTL (and who isn’t?), This is a must. You can only get this from CKAN, as it is fully integrated with that platform.

Kerbal link system

Not something you always need in a toolbox, an Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) It adds a certain dynamic to building things, especially in orbit. Want Kerbal Jump and Ship Jump with spit, wires and solid struts? go ahead! Build a refueling base on a planet and only need a hose to pull fuel from a fuel miner? She’s here! Although not necessary, it is very easy to use.

Kirbal stimulant

One of the things that makes KSP an interesting model for space exploration is the fact that you can, and will be, multiple tasks simultaneously – because it takes so long to go places in space. Unmanned probes for other planets can take years to get there, and once you do, you can get minutes to do the job. How do you keep track of all this? Kerbal Alarm Clock (KAC)! Set your maneuver, KAC pop, and when the time is right, you’ll know and can do what needs to be done to prevent mid-air burning or embarrassing stone emptying.

Docking port alignment indicator

Once you are there in black, there will come a time when you want to do the mating dance. That is, placing two docking ports very close to each other after the distance between them began hundreds of kilometers to propel each other at thousands of clicks an hour. The Docking port alignment indicator (DPAI) Is what you will need. Instead of meeting them on the basis of compound lights, you can use a tool that saves you untold suffering.

Environmental visual improvements

The stock photos from KSP are amazing, especially for a 7-year-old game, depositors have been changing looks from day one. Although there are a lot of visual adjustments to the game, Visual environmental improvements (EVE) It gets my vote as the one who really raises things up another notch. Adding volumetric clouds to planets, city light clusters for two carbines and, generally speaking, tweaking things pumps the inundation. Combine with things like Scattered They will be eye-catching, but nothing comes without a cost. If you don’t have the graphic necrosis to push the electrodes then the physics simulation suffers.

B9 Aerospace

While the bulk of KSP is devoted to focusing on missiles and the like, space planes are definitely supported in the base game. They don’t have a lot of their own pieces. Enter B9 space, By adding completely new parts for the engines, cockpit, fuselage, and all a number of crazy things. Extremely Grumpy that it’s interoperable with Procedural wings Mod, just so you can shape your shape and lift. This is a dangerous jojo for those serious about their space planes.


Sometimes, it’s not enough to just run your own flight center, build your own rocket, and lead your own space program. You want to bring your friends, set up a bunch of computer screens, and have your own task control screen sprawling across multiple web browsers. This is what Telemachus It does, it brings the entire task control experience to your living room. Throw in Houston I guarantee you a party experience that no one else has ever done. Go to space today – with your friends!

Soviet spacecraft

Some people have a direct love affair with an old school Soviet spacecraft, and why not? Tough, hardworking, and a true deep part of the actual history of space exploration. You can pick up some of this lightning in a bottle with full sets of models and parts in Soviet parts and missiles. Do you need it In a little bit, do you want him to recreate Proton’s first missions? Can.

BD Armory

Some people just can’t enjoy a pleasant, relaxing game (if she’s nail-biting) about exploration and science without some things intentionally exploding true good. For them we have BD Armory, An impressive selection of Class A booms, from MLRS artillery to automatic cannons, to full-bore turrets. Want to not only explore the edges of space but orbiting tanks to dominate the surface? Here is the hammer, hitting.

If we’ve omitted your favorite mod, let us know! In a world of ten thousand amazing things, there is always room for more.

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