XIII – Is It Worth It?

Until I started playing it, I wasn’t completely sure what this copy was Thirteenth It was. I had the impression it was a complete remake. Then I was told it might be a remaster. The truth is actually somewhere in between the two. While this version of the game obviously has modern graphics, and brand new assets and textures that have been bundled together in Unity, it does feature the original levels, story and gameplay. For all intents and purposes, it’s mostly straightforward remake From the game. Thirteenth Obviously, he’s hoping to attract new players and those who loved the original, but the question arises: Is it worth it?

Based on the first five volumes of a Belgian graphic novel, Thirteenth It is all about the honorary agent who wakes up on the beach without remembering who he is or how he got there. A lifeguard helps him find safety, only to show the helicopters while the armed goons are everywhere. The only clue our hero possesses is a key to a safe deposit box in a bank that leads him into a rabbit hole to try to thwart a large-scale plot. This version of the game unlocks with a character sitting in the FBI room and watching the opening scene of the graphic novel that begins the original game.

If you have played the original version of ThirteenthThere will be no surprises here. It’s the same story with the same characters and the same dialogue. It is almost striking how well the game stays true to the original. In fact, it even uses the voice acting for that game. You’ll often hear David Duchovny asleep his way through the main character’s lines and everything is as you remember it. Only with new models and better textures. Whether or not this is a good thing will depend on personal preference.

Thirteenth 6

Tapa tapa tapa

One of the most paradoxical changes is in Thirteenth Is that despite much devotion to much of the original version, the toes of the artistic direction were pressed so hard that they lay in bloody pools in the middle of the floor. The game is still somewhat shady but in a minor way. Things look very different, so fans who hope the game closely reflects this aspect will likely be disappointed. The graphics are without doubt an improvement on almost every front. I’m only talking about the quality of the patterns, textures and lighting.

The animation is, well, awesome. There are corrections in the pipeline but today’s first release from Thirteenth He has funny animations. Enemy deaths lack an amazing number of frames because they swing between modes when they die. The way they move is horribly automatic, too. During the early level as XIII travels with Jones on rooftops at night, her animation disrupted completely for me. Her gait cycle was completely broken and her legs wiggled like jelly as she walked at a very strange angle without her feet touching the ground. When I went for cover, I sat several feet above the ground, legs out and toes twisted inward.

And don’t get me started using AI. Correction is promised for that as well, however a leg. Enemies move evil and turn and stop fighting you during combat. The way they interact with you is also insanely strange. They just kind of awkwardly stutter and attack slowly. It’s really surprising to see how every aspect of the animation is so polished and unpolished. Hope the stains will correct this.

Thirteenth 2

Just like the old days

But since Thirteenth Very loyal to the original, at least you don’t have to worry about the gameplay, right? Well isn’t that nice? But this is a mistake! It’s been a long time since I played the initial incarnation but the gameplay has advanced Extremely Weak. Being shot, for example, is really horrible. The goal is just a strange feeling to me. What’s worse is the feeling of fighting. I mentioned AI in the previous paragraph and it goes a long way in making the game a chore. Simply put, the enemies here are very much the same as beforeGolden eye 3D FPS games. They don’t know how to use the cover and they shoot you in the open and their behavior is weird.

Then there is shooting at them. When you shoot the enemies Thirteenth , You don’t feel like hitting anything. It’s like you click while looking at them, and the game begins, “Well, their life bar is empty” and they fall. Coupled with the brutal animation of death, it is Not good time. When you shoot them without activating damage indicators, the only way you know is for bits of blood to appear. The animation of the reactions when they were hit varies from “I didn’t know they were shot in the beginning” to “So slow that you don’t know if they were about to die or continue.” You can shoot an empty man with a rifle, watch him swing for a long second, and then stand up as if nothing happens.

What about stealth? Stealth is bad. There is no other way to put it. While crouching, enemies will leave a sound effect that shows their location. But their movement was so erratic and the controls and mechanics available were so awkward that stealthing seemed to me like a waste of time. On the other hand, AI is so clever that you can often run to blow up everything in sight and a lot of it still I will not see you. In fact, I found I was spotted more when I was sneaking more carefully than when I shot a guy in the face. Seriously, if there are two men standing next to each other and you shoot one of them in the head, the other might not react.

Thirteenth 4

Is he in this case?

I can’t understand why anyone has devoted that kind of time to painstakingly recreating this game just not to update the gameplay in the least. Honestly it looks like they made it worst If something happens. Thirteenth It is a very buggy and hard-to-play game and I can’t think of any reason why I couldn’t handle it better than this. Do you deserve it? If you’re a big fan of the original, you’ll likely feel the need to turn this on just to see one of your favorites with new photos. No one else should be jogging. This is not a good game, and I cannot recommend you to purchase it, especially in its current condition.

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