Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn Release Date: Every Change is Detailed

Looking for Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date? The new season introduces a new Defender, rework several gadgets, and transfers a number of secondary items – there will be a lot of gear swap when Launch Day arrives.

The new player, Aruni, is a combination of Castle and Kapkan. It can place the Syria Indestructible Gates on windows, doors, gates and wall panels, deal 40 damage to any attacker who passes through it. Surya Gates also fry any projectiles that pass through it, and disable the gate for 30 seconds – it can be reactivated after the cooldown by shooting it. It is a great way to slow down attackers, without putting such large obstacles in their path that they simply cannot run to the site.

The Year 2 Season 1 map, Skyscraper, is also back in Operation Neon Dawn, as it has been reworked to enable easier mobility of defenders and reduce runoff and peek-a-boo. However, there are many, many changes that have yet to be revealed to players. Join us as we make every change we’ve spotted, not to mention the expected release date of Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn.

Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date

If this season follows Shadow Legacy, the Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date is December 3, 2020. The last season awarded was an anomaly as Ubisoft ran the test server for three weeks and three days instead of three or four weeks, which is usually the case. The Neon Dawn test server is due to go live on Monday, November 9, 2020, so we’ll have plenty of time to put the new design in its paces.

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In the event not to catch up, the Aruni is Operation Neon Dawn’s upcoming new cannon. It can put three gates of Syria on the gates, wall panels, windows and doors, and it cannot be destroyed. The “gate” itself is a laser network that does 40 damage to any attacker it touches, and the laser can be burned by any projectile passing through it. This will initiate a 30-second slowdown period for the gate, and when that is over you can fire the gadget to reactivate it. Aruni also has a passive ability that allows it to punch large holes in walls, with only six combat attacks needed to create decent spin.

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This has been modified and tuned rather than completely reconfigured. There are fewer windows and balconies, the interior space is larger and more open, and you will generally find less clutter. Watch the video above for better details.

Reframe Jäger, Echo and Hibana

Jäger’s ADS ads will now run out of hold. Each ADS can burn one shell before remaining dormant for ten seconds and reactivate it – they can do that infinitely. This would make it easier for attackers to burn ADS and then pour explosives on site. Echo’s change is much simpler: his drones are now visible. He is recovering his Deployable Armor. Finally, Hibana can now switch between firing two, four and six pellets at a time, making it more flexible. Read our analysis of all the changes coming with Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn update For more details on these changes.

Hidden changes

We’ve seen some cool test architecture changes that aren’t discussed at the Neon Dawn reveal. This is what we found out:

  • Ash now has three penetrating rounds
  • Tashanka could not hold out
  • Wamai and Valkyrie lose Deployable Shield
  • Reinforcements can be placed faster
  • Ash loses the stun grenades and gains Claymore
  • Ace gains the burden of penetration and loses Claymore
  • Capitão wins Claymore and loses stun grenades
  • Twitch acquires stun grenades and loses penetration charges

There is likely to be more, so we’ll wait for the full patch notes to see it.

The quality of life is changing

A fresh run timer will penalize aggressive players with one second out of the building to work with them before detection. There is a new “no drop” zone to relieve some of the frustrations about accidentally dropping a defuser when going to plant it in the vicinity of a bomb site.

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Finally, Ash’s hacking rounds will now stick to bulletproof hardware, making it a more consistent tool for taking down pesky defender games.

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