NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X requires over 100GB of free space to install

Microsoft’s next generation console, X-Box Series X, set to launch on November 10, with NBA 2K21 Being one of the launch titles for the platform, the installation will require a very large space, the application will occupy around 120 GB. On current generation platforms – Play Station 4 and Xbox One – Annual 2K NBA game at just over 80GB.

The file size of the Next Generation title was revealed on Reddit after a user posted a screenshot of the game’s requirements. It’s worth noting that the Day 1 patch of 2K might reduce the game’s file size at launch, but as of now, you’ll need more than 120GB of free space to install the game on Xbox Series X, and 2K21 will likely have the same requirements as PlayStation 5.

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Last week, 2K gave us our first look at “the city,” which is a much larger version of “the neighborhood.” Of course, the new City setting will only be available to players on next-generation consoles, as players on current-generation platforms will remain nearby.

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In their official blog, 2K described the setting for the next generation of City, saying that this is the most ambitious implementation of a virtual basketball community ever.

“Imagine a map that is much larger than the previous neighborhoods,” he said Visual concepts“Executive Producer Eric Boynich.” Design that resembles a modern city, complete with tall skyscrapers, sprawling squares and the city center. Oh, and it features four distinct neighborhoods dominated by four competing affiliations. With this, I am very proud to announce the return of the affiliations! I’ll go into a little more detail about affiliations below. For now, let’s continue to paint a picture of what a city really is.

“The city is our most ambitious implementation of a virtual basketball community … ever. The sheer variety of buildings and basketball courts that we have been able to create and fit into the map continues to amaze me to this day!”

As of this writing, no one has ever reviewed NBA 2K21 on next-generation consoles, so we don’t really know how much of an upgrade they’ll be in. Of course, some assume it will be just a visual upgrade, as some of the next-generation trailers for the game haven’t shown any significant gameplay improvements.

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Since NBA 2K21 will be released alongside next-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles, it will be released on Xbox Series X first on November 10, after which it will be available for PlayStation 5 on November 12.

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